Visualisation of the patient involvement

Patient involvement

The patient invovlement represents patients in the Gemeinsamer Bundesausschuss.


The patient participation and the leading organizations

In accordance with the regulations set forth in the German Social Code, Book Five (SGB V), leading nationwide advocacy groups that represent patient interests or facilitate self-help for people in Germany who are chronically ill or have disabilities are entitled to take part in discussions and submit petitions, but not to vote.
The Patient Involvement Act sets forth the criteria an organization must fulfil to be recognized by the Federal Ministry of Health (BMG) as a leading nationwide advocacy group.

The following patient and self-help organizations are currently entitled to appoint patient representatives to the G-BA: These relevant organizations make appointment decisions in mutual agreement in the coordination committee of the patient representatives:

These groups and the people they represent reflect the rich diversity of patient and self-help organizations in Germany.
Upon request the BMG can recognize additional organizations that are not members of the federations mentioned above as leading nationwide advocacy groups.

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